what is nayapay ,full guide and detail about nayapay

what is nayapay ,full guide and detail about nayapay
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what is nayapay ,full guide and detail about nayapay

nayapay is a payment platform that was created to help make digital transactions more accessible for users worldwide. nayapay has become the world’s largest e-commerce platform and allows customers to pay with cryptocurrency. In this article we will be going over an overview of nayapay as well as any other related topics.

What is NAYAPay?

Nayapay is also known as Bitcoin Payments Network or simply naysay, and is one of the first cryptocurrencies to be used for payments on online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. It’s also available on Venmo in addition to Facebook Messenger Chat with a similar feature that lets you interact with people while it's sent from your phone number. There are currently around 150 million global active monthly users of nayapay and some users have even exceeded 1 billion users!

Who Are We Talking To?

You’ll need to login into chat to find out who they’re talking to. I’ve used nayapay on numerous occasions and I know how easy it is to use. This tutorial will cover everything about nayapay.

Is nayapay Safe?

Nayapay is completely offline and there are no chances of hackers getting access to your money. However if you want to verify these types of safety measures I recommend using PayPal and Zelle services. They will both send your funds through 2 different banks directly at once from which you can receive payment, making it very secure for each transaction. Please note also however that PayPal does not have its own system to monitor activity like Zelle does. Zelle makes sure any activity with nayapay must be monitored by them, so if something goes wrong, they will call you personally and correct it right away.

What Is The Fee Of Paying With Money?

It depends on whether you're paying with bitcoins or dollars. If you’re choosing bitcoin then I would suggest looking at a minimum payment fee of $0.15 and a maximum of $0.25. But please keep in mind that there are fees associated with every single transaction made via nayapay so try to spend under $1 before they start charging a fee when you use their service. You can pay with coins of credit instead but make sure you only use them as far as possible.

What If Your Phone Cannot Be Charged At All & Can't Make Calls While Transacting With Nayapay?

That does not work. I've seen cases where phones were unable to charge whilst using nayapay.

Nayapay Fees

If you're planning on using nayapay for business purposes or just to do shopping, I'd recommend getting a subscription plan. They cost anywhere between 4 dollars to 8 dollars per month depending on the amount. You also get free credits if you subscribe to multiple accounts, but again, that costs you nothing until you claim it. Here is an example of a simple 3 part payment:

Part # 1: Free Credit For Unlimited Subscription Subscription Plan

Part # 2+: Get 5% back when you sign up for two months or more subscriptions

Part #3: Receive 15% back on purchase of course (for all purchases)

Please Note That Payment Processes On A Mobile Device May Take Longer Than Those Which Need An Internet Connection

This is why we recommend using a hotspot connection when performing any kind of transaction on nayapay or any exchange. Having said that if your devices cannot connect to the internet, be prepared to wait longer than usual. Check back later to see if there has been any progress.

Can My Account Suspended Without Any Cause?

The answer depends on whether it has been suspended or hacked and many exchanges such as e-bay and Alibaba have had problems due to this. So check yourself to ensure that everything is fine before proceeding further with payments.

Can Someone Have Control Over Your Wallet And Access Your Funds If They Don't Understand How To Use Us?

Yes, this will happen. Even though nayapay wants its customers to trust and believe that it is absolutely reliable and trustworthy, it can't prove anything to anyone because it doesn't really exist yet and the security of the company itself is unknown. Therefore, it's best to always make sure you keep a backup copy of either the private key or recovery phrases of your wallet. Always remember that your account remains yours until the bank decides to close it down. Also, make sure that whenever you make a withdrawal, you inform nayapay in the first place.

Any Additional Tips Related To Using Nayapay?

I hope this information has been helpful for you in managing all aspects relating to nayapay as well as the overall question regarding any potential security issues or threats the platform may pose. As ever, feel free to drop an email if you have any questions concerning nayapay.


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