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Traditionally, hi-tech timepieces have enabled users to take calls, send messages and tap into various other smartphone-like functions with them. However, there are times when traditional watch models aren’t appropriate. Whether it is simply for convenience or because your particular device has a feature that you want, you will need to make use of a smartwatch, whether by pairing with another gadget such as an iPhone, or if you are worried about battery life, consider getting one for yourself! It’s simple and more affordable than buying a regular smart watch and it even provides easy ways to control some features of both devices. These can help save you from going back to your laptop – not just your phone, but also your tablet, for example, to browse the web or listen to music. And, this way it ensures that you stay on top of what you might be doing when you’re away, without feeling guilty about missing out. Smart watches often provide extra features so they go beyond just making calls and texting. You can enable Siri to start up a new conversation, while Apple Watch offers many different features such as workout tracking, sleep monitoring, reminders and entertainment. A few options to choose from include the Amazon Alexa, Samsung Galaxy S20+ (which is a pricey piece of wearable technology), Google Pixel 4a, Fitbit Versa 3, Apple Watch Series 6, Garmin Forerunner 40 GPS and others. Here are four things to keep in mind on when choosing one for yourself:


Battery life is pretty important to consider when you are making a decision when buying a smartwatch. Not only does the screen provide you with notifications and updates, but the watch itself also powers most of this functionality that could otherwise be done on your phone, making a power user even more convenient. While you might still prefer having your watch in your pocket with the charger attached, many brands now offer wireless charging cases that provide 15% charge over USB. You could think that since all of these features make the watch more powerful than the battery in your phone, then the watch should always work well in case it gets too much juice. It usually means you are able to check emails and send text messages, but if you do get charged down then you won’t be able to reach your phone without using the watch again. So, don’t forget to power on your watch when you are away and remember that after hours it needs recharge. If you do get a smartwatch that offers a decent amount of battery life, consider purchasing two of them for every smartwatch you own. But, be careful, while some may say that smartwatches are made for people who love a lot of features, battery life and performance is probably something you should expect when looking at a fancy luxury watch.


This is really just a matter of personal preference if you are deciding between large and small size. Some might find a smaller watch comfortable on their wrist. As per their wish, you can buy anything from small to massive; and most importantly, you have no issues choosing which watch you like best. Whereas, if you are interested in something compact or large, you can try out large watch that comes in multiple sizes. Even though the larger model would cost more but you may feel that you are getting a better quality watch if you choose this method. Also, these are small sized at most, but you can get any size number of watch if you are willing to spend a bit more on the product.


When buying a smartwatch, you can have many different designs on offer and since each design represents its own hardware, it doesn’t matter which model you choose since they all serve a similar purpose: being able to look smart. Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of options available in watch market today from tons of companies, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the sense that there are lots of choices. What matters is how the watch looks and what kind of materials are used to construct it. Do you want the plastic frame to look more elegant and modern? Or perhaps a sleek metal design that fits well within a modern environment? Either way, you can go for whatever you wish. That’s what makes shopping for a perfect smart watch tough, since everyone wants their own specific combination of style and functionality.


The display is the main reason in choosing any type of watch, regardless of whether you prefer analog or digital. Therefore, choosing a good one depends on the size, brightness, resolution and overall color clarity of the display. You can see the face of the watch as well. Most of the time, this is the most important part of the watch. Make sure you know how the watch works before buying it because that’s how a great watch will work.

So, it’s safe to say that choosing a smart watch is just about the design. Although it could be tempting to purchase a “smart watch” that you believe will become just a mere fashion accessory, there is more to the watch than just aesthetic. Apart from the basic design, there are quite an enormous list of other factors that come together to make a good watch, including:

Battery: Good battery life enables you to have multiple days of usage, long-term power and a longer lifespan, among others.

Features: This helps you enjoy watching movies on Netflix on your watch and it allows you to access more frequently when using WhatsApp or Telegram.

Size: In simple terms, watch size basically determines how big the battery capacity is and you must keep in mind that more is not always better. Hence, keep the same idea in a smart watch where you can have more power and also increase the battery life.

Size: Another factor that we must keep under our eyes is the size of the display. Since the watch size determines how big the battery is, you have three choices: 1) Smaller, 2) Bigger or 3) Ultra-Bigger, all of which can have different power and watch sizes.

Wearable Technology: Yes, wearables play a significant role in the world of smart watches. When you have Wear OS OS, you can install several apps and services on your watch like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google Pay, Snapchat, etc. You also have control over other features like location, camera, music player and notifications, among others. So, you don’t have to worry about switching to third party applications or paying money for certain programs, etc. All these are done through an app and the watch can actually act as a computer – similar to iOS and Android. Moreover, you can download the watch to your mobile to connect with it.

Fitness Tracking: Health tracking is the next trend for smartwatches. Almost everything that you are doing and every activity you are conducting on your watch can be tracked through your watch, making you a step closer to fitness goals. No wonder the demand for health trackers is increasing year across year.


We hope this guide helped you in choosing a great smart watch to accompany your current smart phone. Many brands are offering a range of choices and you now have enough information to go ahead and purchase the dream watch for yourselves. Now is the time to invest and reap the advantages of your hard work.

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